We perform and interactive, hands on educational show. Students will learn about the history of the many diverse species presented as well as the proper care associated with these pets and what is necessary to ensure their quality of life.

The goal of the program is to increase the bond between child, pet and family and to promote responsible pet ownership. This program can be tailored to all grade levels or curriculum.

All of the animals come in carriers and we take one animal out at a time. We do not set up a petting zoo.

Think of Petland Discounts "Traveling Pets Program" as an adventurous alternative to field trips - saving money and time be eliminating the need for chaperons, transportation and travel.

We are Fully Insured and USDA Licensed
and approved for The BOCES Arts in Education.

Some Animals Include:

  •   Rabbits
  •   Guinea Pigs
  •   Chinchillas
  •   Birds
  •   Lizards
  •   Snakes
  •   Frogs
  •   Toads
  •   Tortoises
  •   Ferrets
  •   Sugar Gliders
  •   Hedge Hogs
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